Design Critique Kit

August 2021 - Current
Figma Community File
Changing a design org's culture, one crit at a time.


Feedback and critique is essential for design. It fosters healthy communication, enables collaboration and improves our work. Unfortunately, my current design org does not have a culture of feedback — most designers work independently on projects siloed from other peers. There is no routine time set aside for designers to ask for feedback, and no mandated critiques to host or attend. This has only been exacerbated by a shift to remote work.
Inspired by this issue, I set out to make hosting a critique session as easy as possible for our designers.


I started this passion project by interviewing designers in my department to find their main pain points. The interviews covered their prior experiences with asking for feedback, how they feel when giving and receiving critique and their design process. It became clear that there were a few common issues across designers:
  • Receiving feedback from other designers can feel stressful, uncomfortable, and in some cases personal.
  • It is difficult to keep feedback contained to one area — critique can start expanding past the design you've presented.
  • It's hard to know where to start!

Design & End Solution

Based on the findings from my research, I wanted to create some structure around giving and receiving feedback. I designed a Critique Kit on Figma to serve as a central resource for critique sessions. The file includes the following components.

Guidance on Hosting or Participating

I collected common advice on how to have productive feedback sessions from sources such as The Nielsen Norman Group and Figma. As seen here, I created simple outlines of best practices for both a critique facilitator and participant.

Crit Templates

The kit includes 3 templates for different styles of critique. They are as follows:

Basic Crit

Not sure where to start? Try this basic template. It offers a bit of visual structure and divides feedback into positive, constructive, and neutral comments.

A/B Comparison Crit

Stuck between two different designs? Ask your peers to help you compare and contrast with this A/B comparison template!

Agile Crit

Agile teams are focused on efficient and definable work. Use this template in your agile projects to engage product and engineering in design feedback!
This will soon be published to the Figma Community so everyone can use it!